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Msall, Michael E.Person Why?
The microbiome as a potential mediator of socio-economic disparities in preterm infant neurodevelopmental trajectories from NICU discharge to school ageGrant Why?
Preconception stress exposure: Impact on pregnancy and offspring neurodevelopmentGrant Why?
Early exposures and neurodevelopmental, behavioral, and health outcomesGrant Why?
Claud, Erika C.Person Why?
Considering mental health and neurodevelopmental outcomes for children born extremely preterm.Academic Article Why?
Neurodevelopmental Disorders in the PICU Population.Academic Article Why?
Changes in Neurodevelopmental Outcomes From Age 2 to 10 Years for Children Born Extremely Preterm.Academic Article Why?
Clinical trial strategies for rare neurodevelopmental disorders: challenges and opportunities.Academic Article Why?
De novo coding variants in the AGO1 gene cause a neurodevelopmental disorder with intellectual disability.Academic Article Why?
De Novo variants in EEF2 cause a neurodevelopmental disorder with benign external hydrocephalus.Academic Article Why?
De Novo Variants in SPOP Cause Two Clinically Distinct Neurodevelopmental Disorders.Academic Article Why?
Drug development for neurodevelopmental disorders: lessons learned from fragile X syndrome.Academic Article Why?
Missense variants in DPYSL5 cause a neurodevelopmental disorder with corpus callosum agenesis and cerebellar abnormalities.Academic Article Why?
Variants in the SK2 channel gene (KCNN2) lead to dominant neurodevelopmental movement disorders.Academic Article Why?
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