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Longitudinal urinary microbiome characteristics in women with urgency urinary incontinence undergoing sacral neuromodulation.Academic Article Why?
Neuromodulation of cardiac pain and cerebral vasculature: neural mechanisms.Academic Article Why?
Nongenetic optical neuromodulation with silicon-based materials.Academic Article Why?
Sacral neuromodulation for urinary retention in a kidney-transplant patient.Academic Article Why?
Sacral Neuromodulation is Preferred over OnabotulinumtoxinA Injection for Overactive Bladder in Women: Con.Academic Article Why?
Bioaminergic neuromodulation of respiratory rhythm in vitro.Academic Article Why?
Electrical neuromodulation at acupoint ST36 normalizes impaired colonic motility induced by rectal distension in dogs.Academic Article Why?
Neuromodulation and the orchestration of the respiratory rhythm.Academic Article Why?
Neuromodulation for lower urinary tract symptoms in special populations.Academic Article Why?
Neuromodulation therapy does not influence blood flow distribution or left-ventricular dynamics during acute myocardial ischemia.Academic Article Why?
Sacral neuromodulation effects on periurethral sensation and urethral sphincter activity.Academic Article Why?
Satisfaction with a rechargeable sacral neuromodulation system-A secondary analysis of the ARTISAN-SNM study.Academic Article Why?
The Refractory Overactive Bladder: Sacral NEuromodulation vs. BoTulinum Toxin Assessment: ROSETTA trial.Academic Article Why?
Mueller, MargaretPerson Why?
Kenton, KimberlyPerson Why?
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