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Impact of unresolved neutropenia in patients with neutropenia and invasive aspergillosis: a post hoc analysis of the SECURE trial.Academic Article Why?
Temperature Trajectory Subphenotypes in Oncology Patients with Neutropenia and Suspected Infection.Academic Article Why?
ABC transporter polymorphisms are associated with irinotecan pharmacokinetics and neutropenia.Academic Article Why?
Clinical validity of new genetic biomarkers of irinotecan neutropenia: an independent replication study.Academic Article Why?
Cyclic neutropenia with colonic perforation and nonhealing colocutaneous fistula.Academic Article Why?
Genome-wide association study of chemotherapeutic agent-induced severe neutropenia/leucopenia for patients in Biobank Japan.Academic Article Why?
Refractory Adult Primary Autoimmune Neutropenia that Responded to Alemtuzumab.Academic Article Why?
Valproate induced isolated neutropenia.Academic Article Why?
A morphologic and immunologic study of the large granular lymphocyte in neutropenia with T lymphocytosis.Academic Article Why?
A pilot study of prophylactic aerosolized amphotericin B in patients at risk for prolonged neutropenia.Academic Article Why?
Antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody-associated neutropenia in a patient with type 1 diabetes mellitus.Academic Article Why?
Ciprofloxacin and amoxicillin as continuation treatment of febrile neutropenia in pediatric cancer patients.Academic Article Why?
Comprehensive pharmacogenetic analysis of irinotecan neutropenia and pharmacokinetics.Academic Article Why?
Cost of Cancer-Related Neutropenia or Fever Hospitalizations, United States, 2012.Academic Article Why?
Febrile Neutropenia Syndromes in Children: Risk Factors and Outcomes of Primary, Prolonged, and Recurrent Fever.Academic Article Why?
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