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Ca2+-dependent nuclear export mediated by calreticulin.Academic Article Why?
YTHDC1 mediates nuclear export of N6-methyladenosine methylated mRNAs.Academic Article Why?
Calreticulin Is a receptor for nuclear export.Academic Article Why?
DNA binding domains in diverse nuclear receptors function as nuclear export signals.Academic Article Why?
FMRP Modulates Neural Differentiation through m6A-Dependent mRNA Nuclear Export.Academic Article Why?
Inhibition of pyrimidine synthesis reverses viral virulence factor-mediated block of mRNA nuclear export.Academic Article Why?
NXT1 is necessary for the terminal step of Crm1-mediated nuclear export.Academic Article Why?
Selective Inhibition of Nuclear Export With Oral Selinexor for Treatment of Relapsed or Refractory Multiple Myeloma.Academic Article Why?
The RNA-binding protein FMRP facilitates the nuclear export of N6-methyladenosine-containing mRNAs.Academic Article Why?
Lyn tyrosine kinase inhibits nuclear export of the p53 tumor suppressor.Academic Article Why?
A cytosolic activity distinct from crm1 mediates nuclear export of protein kinase inhibitor in permeabilized cells.Academic Article Why?
The extended packaging sequence of MoMLV contains a constitutive mRNA nuclear export function.Academic Article Why?
Active Transport, Cell NucleusConcept Why?
Nuclear Export SignalsConcept Why?
CRM1-mediated nuclear export and regulated activity of the Receptor Tyrosine Kinase antagonist YAN require specific interactions with MAE.Academic Article Why?
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