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Oligodendrocyte death results in immune-mediated CNS demyelination.Academic Article Why?
Oligodendrocyte proteoglycans: modulation by cell-substratum adhesion.Academic Article Why?
Developmental changes in diffusion anisotropy coincide with immature oligodendrocyte progression and maturation of compound action potential.Academic Article Why?
Effects of galactolipid elimination on oligodendrocyte development and myelination.Academic Article Why?
Effects of hypoxia on oligodendrocyte signal transduction.Academic Article Why?
Enhanced integrated stress response promotes myelinating oligodendrocyte survival in response to interferon-gamma.Academic Article Why?
FTY720 modulates human oligodendrocyte progenitor process extension and survival.Academic Article Why?
GRASP: a novel heparin-binding serum glycoprotein that mediates oligodendrocyte-substratum adhesion.Academic Article Why?
Interferon-gamma-oligodendrocyte interactions in the regulation of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis.Academic Article Why?
Intracellular messengers. Influence of oligodendrocyte substratum adhesion.Academic Article Why?
Molecular Control of Oligodendrocyte Development.Academic Article Why?
Notch signaling: a rheostat regulating oligodendrocyte differentiation?Academic Article Why?
Oligodendrocyte adhesion activates protein kinase C-mediated phosphorylation of myelin basic protein.Academic Article Why?
Oligodendrocyte substratum adhesion modulates expression of adenylate cyclase-linked receptors.Academic Article Why?
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