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Davidson, Michael H.Person Why?
Dietary fatty acids correlate with prostate cancer biopsy grade and volume in Jamaican men.Academic Article Why?
RE: Plasma phospholipid fatty acids and prostate cancer risk in the SELECT trial.Academic Article Why?
?-6 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids and Cardiometabolic Health: Current Evidence, Controversies, and Research Gaps.Academic Article Why?
Maintenance of lower proportions of (n - 6) eicosanoid precursors in phospholipids of human plasma in response to added dietary (n - 3) fatty acids.Academic Article Why?
Site-specific influence of polyunsaturated fatty acids on atherosclerosis in immune incompetent LDL receptor deficient mice.Academic Article Why?
A comparative study of tissue ?-6 and ?-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) in benign and malignant pathologic stage pT2a radical prostatectomy specimens.Academic Article Why?
The intracellular distribution of fatty acids in rat liver. The fatty acids of intracellular compartments.Academic Article Why?
Trans unsaturated fatty acids are less oxidizable than cis unsaturated fatty acids and protect endogenous lipids from oxidation in lipoproteins and lipid bilayers.Academic Article Why?
The effect of phospholipids and fatty acids on tight-junction permeability and bacterial translocation.Academic Article Why?
Triple-bonded unsaturated fatty acids are redox active compounds.Academic Article Why?
Unsaturated Fatty Acids Stimulate Tumor Growth through Stabilization of ß-Catenin.Academic Article Why?
Bilirubin binding, free fatty acids and a new concept for the pathogenesis of kernicterus.Academic Article Why?
Changes in serum free fatty acids during experimental live Escherichia coli septicemia.Academic Article Why?
Free fatty acids impair hepatic insulin extraction in vivo.Academic Article Why?
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