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The Development and Validation of the Islamic Knowledge of Living Organ Donation Knowledge Scale for Measuring Organ Donation Knowledge Among Muslim Communities.Academic Article Why?
Organ Donation and Ethical Practices.Academic Article Why?
A Mosque-Based Qualitative Study on American Muslim Women's Organ Donation Beliefs.Academic Article Why?
A pilot programme of organ donation after cardiac death in China.Academic Article Why?
American Muslim Physician Attitudes Toward Organ Donation.Academic Article Why?
Approaching parents for organ donation: who and when?Academic Article Why?
Attitude toward organ donation: a survey in Pakistan.Academic Article Why?
China organ donation and transplantation update: the Hangzhou Resolution.Academic Article Why?
Design and evaluation of a workplace intervention to promote organ donation.Academic Article Why?
Factors associated with positive attitudes toward organ donation in Arab Americans.Academic Article Why?
Incentives for organ donation: proposed standards for an internationally acceptable system.Academic Article Why?
Muslim Americans' Views on Making Organ Donation Decisions in the Department of Motor Vehicles Setting.Academic Article Why?
Portrayal of organ donation and transplantation on American primetime television.Academic Article Why?
Solid organ donation between strangers.Academic Article Why?
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