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"Monoblock" Occlusal Model to Enhance Occlusal Verification During Orthognathic Surgery.Academic Article Why?
What Is the Linear Accuracy of Regional Voxel-Based Registration for Orthognathic Surgery Landmarks?Academic Article Why?
Predictors of Opioid Prescription After Orthognathic Surgery in Opioid Naive Adults From a Large Database.Academic Article Why?
Three-Dimensional Analysis of Lip Asymmetry and Occlusal Cant Change After Two-Jaw Surgery.Academic Article Why?
Orthognathic SurgeryConcept Why?
Exploring the relationship between the number of systematic reviews and quality of evidence: an orthognathic surgery-based study.Academic Article Why?
Should orthognathic surgery be performed in growing patients? A scoping review.Academic Article Why?
What Do We Know Beyond Reliability in Voxel-Based Registration? Validation of the Accuracy of Regional Voxel-Based Registration (R-VBR) Techniques for Orthognathic Surgery Analysis.Academic Article Why?
Miloro, MichaelPerson Why?
Reid, Russell R.Person Why?
Do We Need Safety Nets for Outsourced Computer-Aided Orthognathic Planning? A Two-Center Analysis.Academic Article Why?
Serum Metal Levels in Maxillofacial Reconstructive Surgery Patients: A Pilot Study.Academic Article Why?
The Inferior Alveolar Nerve: To Graft or Not to Graft in Ablative Mandibular Resection?Academic Article Why?
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