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Developmental differences in hyperoxia-induced oxidative stress and cellular responses in the murine lung.Academic Article Why?
Lipid-derived reactive aldehydes link oxidative stress to cell senescence.Academic Article Why?
Oxidative Stress in Dilated Cardiomyopathy Caused by MYBPC3 Mutation.Academic Article Why?
Oxidative stress in the systemic and cellular responses to intermittent hypoxia.Academic Article Why?
Oxidative stress induced carbonylation in human plasma.Academic Article Why?
Polyphosphate degradation by Nudt3-Zn2+ mediates oxidative stress response.Academic Article Why?
Adult neurogenesis transiently generates oxidative stress.Academic Article Why?
Arsenic: toxicity, oxidative stress and human disease.Academic Article Why?
Carotid Body Chemoreflex Mediates Intermittent Hypoxia-Induced Oxidative Stress in the Adrenal Medulla.Academic Article Why?
Determining the effects of antioxidants on oxidative stress induced carbonylation of proteins.Academic Article Why?
Differential carbonylation of proteins as a function of in vivo oxidative stress.Academic Article Why?
Immunotargeting of catalase to ACE or ICAM-1 protects perfused rat lungs against oxidative stress.Academic Article Why?
Mechanisms of mycotoxin-induced neurotoxicity through oxidative stress-associated pathways.Academic Article Why?
Neuroglobin protects PC12 cells against oxidative stress.Academic Article Why?
Oxidative stress contributes to lung injury and barrier dysfunction via microtubule destabilization.Academic Article Why?
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