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Kane, JasonPerson Why?
Intensive Care Units, PediatricConcept Why?
Code Blue Events in the Neonatal and Pediatric Intensive Care Units at a Tertiary Care Children's Hospital.Academic Article Why?
Fitzgerald, JuliePerson Why?
Hoehn, SarahPerson Why?
A call for full public disclosure for donation after circulatory determination of death in children.Academic Article Why?
A Multibiomarker-Based Model for Estimating the Risk of Septic Acute Kidney Injury.Academic Article Why?
A Novel Model Demonstrates Variation in Risk-Adjusted Mortality Across Pediatric Cardiac ICUs After Surgery.Academic Article Why?
A Pragmatic Biomarker-Driven Algorithm to Guide Antibiotic Use in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit: The Optimizing Antibiotic Strategies in Sepsis (OASIS) Study.Academic Article Why?
A Saudi family making end-of-life decisions in the PICU.Academic Article Why?
Ajmal, FatimaPerson Why?
Association Between Progression and Improvement of Acute Kidney Injury and Mortality in Critically Ill Children.Academic Article Why?
Association of Organ Dysfunction Scores and Functional Outcomes Following Pediatric Critical Illness.Academic Article Why?
Building trust through communication in the intensive care unit: HICCC.Academic Article Why?
Cardiopulmonary monitors and clinically significant events in critically ill children.Academic Article Why?
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