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Peritoneal DiseasesConcept Why?
Does robot-assisted laparoscopic ileocystoplasty (RALI) reduce peritoneal adhesions compared with open surgery?Academic Article Why?
Ectopic pancreas presenting with pancreatitis and a mesenteric mass.Academic Article Why?
Endometriosis, macrophages, and adhesions.Academic Article Why?
Eng, OliverPerson Why?
Mesenteric and omental cysts: histologic classification with imaging correlation.Academic Article Why?
Mesenteric fibromatosis in Gardners syndrome.Academic Article Why?
Peritoneal inflammatory myofibroblastic pseudotumor metastatic to the liver: CT findings.Academic Article Why?
Preoperative ultrasound to predict infraumbilical adhesions: a study of diagnostic accuracy.Academic Article Why?
Reduction of peritoneal adhesion formation by colchicine: a comparative study in the rat.Academic Article Why?
The formation of coalescing peritoneal adhesions requires injury to both contacting peritoneal surfaces.Academic Article Why?
Tuberculoid cornstarch granulomas with caseous necrosis. A diagnostic challenge.Academic Article Why?
Gundeti, MohanPerson Why?
Zaritzky, MarioPerson Why?
Solid and papillary epithelial neoplasm arising in heterotopic pancreatic tissue of the mesocolon.Academic Article Why?
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