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Wilhelm Troll (1897 - 1978): idealistic morphology, physics, and phylogenetics.Academic Article Why?
A population genetics-phylogenetics approach to inferring natural selection in coding sequences.Academic Article Why?
Cell-type phylogenetics and the origin of endometrial stromal cells.Academic Article Why?
Gene family evolution and homology: genomics meets phylogenetics.Academic Article Why?
Long-branch attraction bias and inconsistency in Bayesian phylogenetics.Academic Article Why?
Molecular phylogenetics and biogeography of tanagers in the genus Ramphocelus (Aves).Academic Article Why?
Molecular phylogenetics and historical biogeography amid shifting continents in the cockles and giant clams (Bivalvia: Cardiidae).Academic Article Why?
Molecular phylogenetics of slit-faced bats (Chiroptera: Nycteridae) reveal deeply divergent African lineages.Academic Article Why?
Molecular phylogenetics of the butterflyfishes (Chaetodontidae): taxonomy and biogeography of a global coral reef fish family.Academic Article Why?
Performance of maximum parsimony and likelihood phylogenetics when evolution is heterogeneous.Academic Article Why?
Phylogenetics and biogeography of the broad-nosed bats, genus Platyrrhinus (Chiroptera: Phyllostomidae).Academic Article Why?
Phylogenetics: Heed the father of cladistics.Academic Article Why?
Thornton, JosephPerson Why?
Exploring the radiation of a diverse reef fish family: phylogenetics of the damselfishes (Pomacentridae), with new classifications based on molecular analyses of all genera.Academic Article Why?
High mountain origin, phylogenetics, evolution, and niche conservatism of arctic lineages in the hemiparasitic genus Pedicularis (Orobanchaceae).Academic Article Why?
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