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The EVITA framework for evidence-based mental health policy agenda setting in low- and middle-income countries.Academic Article Why?
Patient safety and health policy: a history and review.Academic Article Why?
Health policy and the community safety net for individuals with intellectual disability.Academic Article Why?
Mental health policy and psychotropic drugs.Academic Article Why?
Obesity, ethnicity, and sleep-disordered breathing: medical and health policy implications.Academic Article Why?
Teaching health policy to residents.Academic Article Why?
The pace of change in medical practice and health policy: collision or coexistence?Academic Article Why?
Maternal substance abuse and infant health: policy options across the life course.Academic Article Why?
Pollack, HaroldPerson Why?
Careers in surgical research: Basic science, clinical research, health policy, and surgical innovation.Academic Article Why?
Health policy approaches to population health: the limits of medicalization.Academic Article Why?
Updates in Gestational Diabetes Prevalence, Treatment, and Health Policy.Academic Article Why?
Advancing oral health policy through persuasive messaging and effective research measures.Academic Article Why?
Islamic Verdicts in Health Policy Discourse: Porcine-Based Vaccines as a Case StudyAcademic Article Why?
Long-Term Excellence Award, Health Policy Statistics Section ASAAward or Honor Receipt Why?
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