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Chemical origins of life: Prebiotic RNA unstuck.Academic Article Why?
Intrinsic disorder, extraterrestrial peptides, and prebiotic life on the earth.Academic Article Why?
Are probiotics or prebiotics useful in pediatric irritable bowel syndrome or inflammatory bowel disease?Academic Article Why?
PrebioticsConcept Why?
Ciaccio, ChristinaPerson Why?
Microbial therapeutic interventions.Academic Article Why?
Monobody-mediated alteration of enzyme specificity.Academic Article Why?
Piccirilli, Joseph A.Person Why?
Claud, Erika C.Person Why?
Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD) and the Microbiome-Searching the Crime Scene for Clues.Academic Article Why?
Introducing the Microbiome into Precision Medicine.Academic Article Why?
Modulating the microbiome: The future of allergy therapeutics?Academic Article Why?
Nutritional modulation of gut microbiota - the impact on metabolic disease pathophysiology.Academic Article Why?
Proceedings from the 3rd International Conference on Microbiome Engineering.Academic Article Why?
The Gut Microbiota: The Gateway to Improved Metabolism.Academic Article Why?
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