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Familial prion disease with Alzheimer disease-like tau pathology and clinical phenotype.Academic Article Why?
The prion diseases.Academic Article Why?
The prion diseases.Academic Article Why?
The prion diseases: Creutzfeldt-Jakob, Gerstmann-Str?ussler-Scheinker, and related disorders.Academic Article Why?
Inherited prion disease caused by the V210I mutation: transmission to transgenic mice.Academic Article Why?
Prion disease (PrP-A117V) presenting with ataxia instead of dementia.Academic Article Why?
Amyotrophy in prion diseases.Academic Article Why?
Controlling new prion diseases.Academic Article Why?
A novel PRNP-G131R variant associated with familial prion disease.Academic Article Why?
Mastrianni, James A.Person Why?
Prion DiseasesConcept Why?
Biochemical fingerprints of prion infection: accumulations of aberrant full-length and N-terminally truncated PrP species are common features in mouse prion disease.Academic Article Why?
"Out, damned spot! out, I say!...": issues related to prion decontamination.Academic Article Why?
A novel human disease with abnormal prion protein sensitive to protease.Academic Article Why?
Alzheimer disease and the prion disorders amyloid beta-protein and prion protein amyloidoses.Academic Article Why?
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