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Protein folding: defining a "standard" set of experimental conditions and a preliminary kinetic data set of two-state proteins.Academic Article Why?
Light, SamPerson Why?
Thornton, JosephPerson Why?
Biochemistry. How proteins fold.Academic Article Why?
Natural selection, protein engineering, and the last riboorganism: rational model building in biochemistry.Academic Article Why?
Evolutionary biochemistry: revealing the historical and physical causes of protein properties.Academic Article Why?
Monitoring changes in the subcellular location of proteins in S. cerevisiae.Academic Article Why?
Rosner, MarshaPerson Why?
He, ChuanPerson Why?
Rice, Phoebe A.Person Why?
Ozkan, EnginPerson Why?
Preparation of insoluble GST fusion proteins.Academic Article Why?
Preparation of soluble GST fusion proteins.Academic Article Why?
Kovar, David R.Person Why?
Adams, Erin J.Person Why?
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