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Biosynthetic phage display: a novel protein engineering tool combining chemical and genetic diversity.Academic Article Why?
Engineering protein processing of the mammary gland to produce abundant hemophilia B therapy in milk.Academic Article Why?
Molecular analysis of the type III interferon complex and its applications in protein engineering.Academic Article Why?
Protein Engineering: Advances in Phage Display for Basic Science and Medical Research.Academic Article Why?
Natural selection, protein engineering, and the last riboorganism: rational model building in biochemistry.Academic Article Why?
Director Department of Protein EngineeringAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Protein EngineeringConcept Why?
Toward chaperone-assisted crystallography: protein engineering enhancement of crystal packing and X-ray phasing capabilities of a camelid single-domain antibody (VHH) scaffold.Academic Article Why?
Hubbell, JeffreyPerson Why?
Kossiakoff, AnthonyPerson Why?
A combinatorial histidine scanning library approach to engineer highly pH-dependent protein switches.Academic Article Why?
A hybrid approach to measuring electrical activity in genetically specified neurons.Academic Article Why?
A photostable monomeric superfolder green fluorescent protein.Academic Article Why?
Allosteric control of ligand-binding affinity using engineered conformation-specific effector proteins.Academic Article Why?
An Efficient Method to Generate Monoclonal Antibodies from Human B Cells.Academic Article Why?
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