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Mistranslation-induced protein misfolding as a dominant constraint on coding-sequence evolution.Academic Article Why?
Protein misfolding in the cell envelope of Escherichia coli: new signaling pathways.Academic Article Why?
Visual aspects of neurologic protein misfolding disorders.Academic Article Why?
Oakes, ScottPerson Why?
Signal transduction pathways in response to protein misfolding in the extracytoplasmic compartments of E. coli: role of two new phosphoprotein phosphatases PrpA and PrpB.Academic Article Why?
Identification and characterization of HsIV HsIU (ClpQ ClpY) proteins involved in overall proteolysis of misfolded proteins in Escherichia coli.Academic Article Why?
Misfolded proteins impose a dosage-dependent fitness cost and trigger a cytosolic unfolded protein response in yeast.Academic Article Why?
Targeting the Unfolded Protein Response in PanNETsGrant Why?
Drummond, David A.Person Why?
Signaling Cell Death from the Endoplasmic ReticulumGrant Why?
Missiakas, DominiquePerson Why?
Nichols, Jeffrey W.Person Why?
Long-loop G-quadruplexes are misfolded population minorities with fast transition kinetics in human telomeric sequences.Academic Article Why?
Proinsulin maturation, misfolding, and proteotoxicity.Academic Article Why?
Kreitman, MartinPerson Why?
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