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Zhao, YingmingPerson Why?
The role of proteomics in assessing beta-cell dysfunction and death in type 1 diabetes.Academic Article Why?
Native Mass Spectrometry at the Convergence of Structural Biology and Compositional Proteomics.Academic Article Why?
Rapid sample processing for LC-MS-based quantitative proteomics using high intensity focused ultrasound.Academic Article Why?
Single-Cell Proteomics.Academic Article Why?
Biomarker discovery in lung cancer--promises and challenges of clinical proteomics.Academic Article Why?
Comparison of multidimensional shotgun technologies targeting tissue proteomics.Academic Article Why?
Coupling protein complex analysis to peptide based proteomics.Academic Article Why?
Deeper Protein Identification Using Field Asymmetric Ion Mobility Spectrometry in Top-Down Proteomics.Academic Article Why?
diDO-IPTL: A Peptide-Labeling Strategy for Precision Quantitative Proteomics.Academic Article Why?
Isobaric Labeling Proteomics Allows a High-Throughput Investigation of Protein Corona Orientation.Academic Article Why?
Mass-linked immuno-selective assays in targeted proteomics.Academic Article Why?
Mixing proteomics and alcohol.Academic Article Why?
Neural palmitoyl-proteomics reveals dynamic synaptic palmitoylation.Academic Article Why?
Pros and cons of the proteomics.Academic Article Why?
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