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Young, MatthewPerson Why?
2019 Instructor of the Year - Clinical Psychology InternsAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Instructor of the Year, Clinical Psychology Internship ProgramAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Psychology, ClinicalConcept Why?
Twenty years of the Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings: we hope you will enjoy the show.Academic Article Why?
Vas, ShonaPerson Why?
Araujo, FabianaPerson Why?
Advances in analysis of longitudinal data.Academic Article Why?
Editorial. TCN enters its 25th year.Academic Article Why?
Edwin S. Shneidman (1918-2009).Academic Article Why?
Neurosciences, empathy, and healthy interpersonal relationships: recent findings and implications for counseling psychology.Academic Article Why?
Redefining phenotypes to advance psychiatric genetics: Implications from hierarchical taxonomy of psychopathology.Academic Article Why?
The Inter-Organizational Summit on Education and Training (ISET) 2010 survey on the influence of the Houston Conference training guidelines.Academic Article Why?
Erickson, MollyPerson Why?
Siston, AmyPerson Why?
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