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Pediatric National Surgical Quality Improvement Program: Useful for Quality Improvement in Craniosynostosis Surgery?Academic Article Why?
Development of a Conceptual Model for Surgical Quality Improvement Collaboratives: Facilitating the Implementation and Evaluation of Collaborative Quality Improvement.Academic Article Why?
Using Quality Improvement in Resident Education to Improve Transition Care.Academic Article Why?
A framework of quality improvement interventions to implement evidence-based practices for pressure ulcer prevention.Academic Article Why?
Building a Culture of Continuous Quality Improvement in an Academic Radiology Department.Academic Article Why?
Continuing medical education and quality improvement: a match made in heaven?Academic Article Why?
Effect of a quality improvement curriculum on resident knowledge and skills in improvement.Academic Article Why?
Effect of a Real-Time Pediatric ICU Safety Bundle Dashboard on Quality Improvement Measures.Academic Article Why?
Immediate and long-term effects of a team-based quality improvement training programme.Academic Article Why?
Implications of the Trauma Quality Improvement Project inclusion of nonsurvivable injuries in performance benchmarking.Academic Article Why?
Is It Quality Improvement or Is It Research?: Ethical and Regulatory Considerations.Academic Article Why?
Lessons for reducing disparities in regional quality improvement efforts.Academic Article Why?
Maintenance of Certification Part 4 as an Incentive for Faculty Quality Improvement Education.Academic Article Why?
Outpatient advance care planning for patients with metastatic cancer: a pilot quality improvement initiative.Academic Article Why?
Quality improvement and patient safety organizations in anesthesiology.Academic Article Why?
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