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A portable RNA sequence whose recognition by a synthetic antibody facilitates structural determination.Academic Article Why?
Hybridization maps of early and late messenger RNA sequences on the adenovirus type 2 genome.Academic Article Why?
RNA sequences homologous to the 3' portion of immunoglobulin alpha-chain mRNA in thymus-derived lymphocytes.Academic Article Why?
S region sequence, RNA polymerase II, and histone modifications create chromatin accessibility during class switch recombination.Academic Article Why?
Synthesis of complementary RNA sequences during productive adenovirus infection.Academic Article Why?
Specific Recognition of a Single-Stranded RNA Sequence by a Synthetic Antibody Fragment.Academic Article Why?
Base SequenceConcept Why?
He, ChuanPerson Why?
Staley, Jonathan P.Person Why?
Pan, TaoPerson Why?
BM-map: Bayesian mapping of multireads for next-generation sequencing data.Academic Article Why?
Piccirilli, Joseph A.Person Why?
[Cloning and analysis of the primary structure of an element, related to the murine mammary cancer virus, from the genome of the Djungarian hamster].Academic Article Why?
[Sequences homologous to mouse mammary cancer virus are common in mammalian and avian genomes].Academic Article Why?
A molecular inventory of human pancreatic islets: sequence analysis of 1000 cDNA clones.Academic Article Why?
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