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Pan, TaoPerson Why?
Probing N6-methyladenosine (m6A) RNA Modification in Total RNA with SCARLET.Academic Article Why?
Probing RNA Modification Status at Single-Nucleotide Resolution in Total RNA.Academic Article Why?
Probing N6-methyladenosine RNA modification status at single nucleotide resolution in mRNA and long noncoding RNA.Academic Article Why?
He, ChuanPerson Why?
Cellular dynamics of RNA modification.Academic Article Why?
RNA modification landscape of the human mitochondrial tRNALys regulates protein synthesis.Academic Article Why?
Pseudouridine RNA modification detection and quantification by RT-PCR.Academic Article Why?
RNA modifications and structures cooperate to guide RNA-protein interactions.Academic Article Why?
The Role of RNA Modifications and RNA-modifying Proteins in Cancer Therapy and Drug Resistance.Academic Article Why?
Microbiome characterization by high-throughput transfer RNA sequencing and modification analysis.Academic Article Why?
RNA modifications modulate gene expression during development.Academic Article Why?
N6-methyl-adenosine modification in messenger and long non-coding RNA.Academic Article Why?
Dynamic RNA modifications in posttranscriptional regulation.Academic Article Why?
Sensitive and quantitative probing of pseudouridine modification in mRNA and long noncoding RNA.Academic Article Why?
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