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Chin, Marshall H.Person Why?
Weight loss and co-morbidity resolution between different races and ethnicities after gastric bypass.Academic Article Why?
Collection of data on patients' race and ethnic group by physician practices.Academic Article Why?
Defining anemia by race using epidemiologic data.Academic Article Why?
Disparities in sleep characteristics by race/ethnicity in a population-based sample: Chicago Area Sleep Study.Academic Article Why?
DNA methylation levels associated with race and childhood asthma severity.Academic Article Why?
Hormone replacement therapy and breast cancer: heterogeneous risks by race, weight, and breast density.Academic Article Why?
Language Matters: Race, Trust, and Outcomes in the Pediatric Emergency Department.Academic Article Why?
Physician race and treatment preferences for depression, anxiety, and medically unexplained symptoms.Academic Article Why?
Race, Socioeconomic Status, and Gastrostomy after Spontaneous Intracerebral Hemorrhage.Academic Article Why?
Race/ethnicity and workplace discrimination: results of a national survey of physicians.Academic Article Why?
Race/ethnicity as a risk factor for HIV-1 infection among Connecticut intravenous drug users.Academic Article Why?
Racial disparities in kidney transplant waitlist appearance in Chicago: Is it race or place?Academic Article Why?
RIDDLE: Race and ethnicity Imputation from Disease history with Deep LEarning.Academic Article Why?
Salmeterol xinafoate vs albuterol in asthma: was race a factor?Academic Article Why?
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