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Feinstein, KatePerson Why?
Golden, Daniel W.Person Why?
Henderson, Tara O.Person Why?
Standardizing radiation dose reporting in the pediatric cardiac catheterization laboratory-a multicenter study by the CCISC (Congenital Cardiovascular Interventional Study Consortium).Academic Article Why?
Leikin, JerroldPerson Why?
Chmura, StevenPerson Why?
Cohen, EzraPerson Why?
Olopade, OlufunmilayoPerson Why?
Agrawal, RishiPerson Why?
Cohn, Susan L.Person Why?
Schilsky, RichardPerson Why?
Kandel, Jessica J.Person Why?
Cohen, Kenneth S.Person Why?
Comparative measurements of phototherapy: a practical guide.Academic Article Why?
Posner, Mitchell C.Person Why?
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