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Radiomics-based assessment of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis is associated with genetic mutations and patient survival.Academic Article Why?
Radiomics-Based Image Phenotyping of Kidney Apparent Diffusion Coefficient Maps: Preliminary Feasibility & Efficacy.Academic Article Why?
Giger, Maryellen L.Person Why?
Lung texture in serial thoracic computed tomography scans: correlation of radiomics-based features with radiation therapy dose and radiation pneumonitis development.Academic Article Why?
[Radiomics for Estimating Recurrence Risk of Patients with Lung Cancer by Using Survival Analysis].Academic Article Why?
A Validated T Cell Radiomics Score Is Associated With Clinical Outcomes Following Multisite SBRT and Pembrolizumab.Academic Article Why?
Breast MRI radiomics: comparison of computer- and human-extracted imaging phenotypes.Academic Article Why?
Differentiating low and high grade mucoepidermoid carcinoma of the salivary glands using CT radiomics.Academic Article Why?
Digital Mammography in Breast Cancer: Additive Value of Radiomics of Breast Parenchyma.Academic Article Why?
Effect of biopsy on the MRI radiomics classification of benign lesions and luminal A cancers.Academic Article Why?
Effects of variability in radiomics software packages on classifying patients with radiation pneumonitis.Academic Article Why?
NCTN Assessment on Current Applications of Radiomics in Oncology.Academic Article Why?
Predicting Survival Duration With MRI Radiomics of Brain Metastases From Non-small Cell Lung Cancer.Academic Article Why?
Prediction of clinical phenotypes in invasive breast carcinomas from the integration of radiomics and genomics data.Academic Article Why?
Quantitative texture analysis: robustness of radiomics across two digital mammography manufacturers' systems.Academic Article Why?
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