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Stulberg, Debra BPerson Why?
Provision of abortion and other reproductive health services among former Midwest Access Project trainees.Academic Article Why?
Do Sexual Minorities Receive Appropriate Sexual and Reproductive Health Care and Counseling?Academic Article Why?
Fathers' Engagement in Their Sons' Sexual and Reproductive Health.Academic Article Why?
Knowledge of obesity and its impact on reproductive health outcomes among urban women.Academic Article Why?
Optimizing Access to Preventive Reproductive Health Care: Meeting Patients Where They Are At.Academic Article Why?
Perceptions of a reproductive health self-assessment tool (RH-SAT) in an urban community health center.Academic Article Why?
Reproductive health experiences of women with cardiovascular disease.Academic Article Why?
Reproductive health needs of adolescent and young adult women with pediatric rheumatic diseases.Academic Article Why?
The Affordable Care Act and reproductive health: potential gains and serious challenges.Academic Article Why?
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and reproductive health: harnessing data to improve care.Academic Article Why?
Women's Expectation of Receiving Reproductive Health Care at Catholic and Non-Catholic Hospitals.Academic Article Why?
Young men's preferences for sexually transmitted disease and reproductive health services in San Francisco, California.Academic Article Why?
Caduceus Quest: A serious STEM game to promote reproductive health and STEM and health career interestGrant Why?
Effects of clinic-level implementation of One Key Question® on reproductive health counseling and patient satisfaction.Academic Article Why?
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