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Female mice liberated for inclusion in neuroscience and biomedical research.Academic Article Why?
Clinical Study Designs and Sources of Error in Medical Research.Academic Article Why?
Outcome of a workshop on applications of protein models in biomedical research.Academic Article Why?
Pervasive Neglect of Sex Differences in Biomedical Research.Academic Article Why?
Protein Engineering: Advances in Phage Display for Basic Science and Medical Research.Academic Article Why?
The Biomedical Research Hub: a federated platform for patient research data.Academic Article Why?
Children in medical research: balancing protection and access--has the pendulum swung too far?Academic Article Why?
Converging blockchain and next-generation artificial intelligence technologies to decentralize and accelerate biomedical research and healthcare.Academic Article Why?
Do healthy children deserve greater protection in medical research?Academic Article Why?
Freedom to innovate: the perils of centralized medical research-reply.Academic Article Why?
American Lung Association/National Center Biomedical Research Grant RG-75229-NAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Biomedical ResearchConcept Why?
Competitive Medical Research FundAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Elaine Frank Family Fellowship for Medical Research, MSTP, University of ChicagoAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Establishment of the Roizman Institute for Biomedical ResearchAward or Honor Receipt Why?
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