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Preinjury beta blocker usage does not affect the heart rate response to initial trauma resuscitation.Academic Article Why?
Controversy in trauma resuscitation: do ratios of plasma to red blood cells matter?Academic Article Why?
Higher Crystalloid Volume During Initial Pediatric Trauma Resuscitation is Associated With Mortality.Academic Article Why?
Whole blood use in trauma resuscitation: targeting prehospital transfusion.Academic Article Why?
Hypotensive resuscitation in a head-injured multi-trauma patient.Academic Article Why?
The tight rope act: A multicenter regional experience of tourniquets in acute trauma resuscitation.Academic Article Why?
Trauma Resuscitation for Interventional Radiologists.Academic Article Why?
Computer-based videotape analysis of trauma resuscitations for quality assurance and clinical research.Academic Article Why?
Preoperative resuscitation of the trauma patient.Academic Article Why?
Blood product use in trauma resuscitation: plasma deficit versus plasma ratio as predictors of mortality in trauma (CME).Academic Article Why?
The prevalence of abnormal results of conventional coagulation tests on admission to a trauma center.Academic Article Why?
Hampton, DavidPerson Why?
The rapid infusion system: a superior method for the resuscitation of hypovolemic trauma patients.Academic Article Why?
Mentors decrease compliance with best sterile practices during central venous catheter placement in the trauma resuscitation unit.Academic Article Why?
Prehospital intravenous fluid is associated with increased survival in trauma patients.Academic Article Why?
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