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Rebay, IlariaPerson Why?
Signaling circuitries in development: insights from the retinal determination gene network.Academic Article Why?
Direct control of the proneural gene atonal by retinal determination factors during Drosophila eye development.Academic Article Why?
Master regulators in development: Views from the Drosophila retinal determination and mammalian pluripotency gene networks.Academic Article Why?
Wei, WeiPerson Why?
Daughterless homodimer synergizes with Eyeless to induce Atonal expression and retinal neuron differentiation.Academic Article Why?
Du, WeiPerson Why?
Moskowitz, IvanPerson Why?
Developments in Fovea-Sparing RRD Repair: Reconsidering the Timing of Surgery.Academic Article Why?
Orbital development after enucleation in early childhood.Academic Article Why?
Role of competitive interactions in the postnatal development of X and Y retinogeniculate axons.Academic Article Why?
Retinoic acid degradation shapes zonal development of vestibular organs and sensitivity to transient linear accelerations.Academic Article Why?
Dobyns, WilliamPerson Why?
Blair, Michael PPerson Why?
Analysis of the expression pattern of Mysidium columbiae wingless provides evidence for conserved mesodermal and retinal patterning processes among insects and crustaceans.Academic Article Why?
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