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Sanders, AlanPerson Why?
Gershon, ElliotPerson Why?
Elaboration on premorbid intellectual performance in schizophrenia: premorbid intellectual decline and risk for schizophrenia.Academic Article Why?
Schizophrenia-related and affective personality disorder traits in relatives of probands with schizophrenia and personality disorders.Academic Article Why?
Keedy, Sarah K.Person Why?
Davidson, Michael H.Person Why?
Duan, JubaoPerson Why?
Association Between Failures in Perceptual Updating and the Severity of Psychosis in Schizophrenia.Academic Article Why?
Cognitive decline in late-life schizophrenia: a longitudinal study of geriatric chronically hospitalized patients.Academic Article Why?
Erickson, MollyPerson Why?
Antipsychotic Effects on Top Down Control of Sensory Processing in SchizophreniaGrant Why?
Personality as a predictor of the variability of insight in schizophrenia.Academic Article Why?
Patient and family attitudes about schizophrenia: implications for genetic counseling.Academic Article Why?
Avoidant personality disorder symptoms in first-degree relatives of schizophrenia patients predict performance on neurocognitive measures: the UCLA family study.Academic Article Why?
Differential profiles in auditory social cognition deficits between adults with autism and schizophrenia spectrum disorders: A preliminary analysis.Academic Article Why?
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