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Analysis of perioperative complications in patients after total shoulder arthroplasty and reverse total shoulder arthroplasty.Academic Article Why?
Factors influencing surgical management of proximal humerus fractures: do shoulder and trauma surgeons differ?Academic Article Why?
Protective Sport Bracing for Athletes With Mid-Season Shoulder Instability.Academic Article Why?
The Clinical Utility of Additional Axillary and Velpeau Radiographs in the Evaluation of Suspected Shoulder Trauma.Academic Article Why?
MRI findings in Little Leaguer's shoulder.Academic Article Why?
Acute Versus Delayed Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty for the Primary Treatment of Proximal Humeral Fractures.Academic Article Why?
A 16-year-old with left shoulder trauma.Academic Article Why?
The biomechanics of the supraspinatus-deficient shoulder treated with superior capsular reconstruction vs. reverse total shoulder arthroplasty-experimental study.Academic Article Why?
Traumatic shoulder injuries: a force mechanism analysis of complex injuries to the shoulder girdle and proximal humerus.Academic Article Why?
The Shoulder Arthroplasty Smart Score Correlates Well With Legacy Outcome Scores Without a Ceiling Effect.Academic Article Why?
Traumatic shoulder injuries: a force mechanism analysis-glenohumeral dislocation and instability.Academic Article Why?
The effect of competitive pitching on the shoulders and elbows of preadolescent baseball players.Academic Article Why?
Exposed shoulder hemiarthroplasty as a result of anterosuperior escape: a case report.Academic Article Why?
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