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Applying dynamic simulation modeling methods in health care delivery research-the SIMULATE checklist: report of the ISPOR simulation modeling emerging good practices task force.Academic Article Why?
Selecting a dynamic simulation modeling method for health care delivery research-part 2: report of the ISPOR Dynamic Simulation Modeling Emerging Good Practices Task Force.Academic Article Why?
Economic Simulation Modeling in Type 2 Diabetes.Academic Article Why?
CHARMM-GUI Glycan Modeler for modeling and simulation of carbohydrates and glycoconjugates.Academic Article Why?
CHARMM-GUI Nanomaterial Modeler for Modeling and Simulation of Nanomaterial Systems.Academic Article Why?
A versatile petri net based architecture for modeling and simulation of complex biological processes.Academic Article Why?
CHARMM-GUI 10 years for biomolecular modeling and simulation.Academic Article Why?
Kim, DavidPerson Why?
A metastable state in folding simulations of a protein model.Academic Article Why?
CHARMM-GUI PDB manipulator for advanced modeling and simulations of proteins containing nonstandard residues.Academic Article Why?
A simulation study comparing nine mathematical models of arterial input function for dynamic contrast enhanced MRI to the Parker model.Academic Article Why?
Innovative simulation training models.Academic Article Why?
Large-scale modeling of epileptic seizures: scaling properties of two parallel neuronal network simulation algorithms.Academic Article Why?
An emerging consensus on voltage-dependent gating from computational modeling and molecular dynamics simulations.Academic Article Why?
A knowledge model for analysis and simulation of regulatory networks.Academic Article Why?
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