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Simulation-based morbidity and mortality conference: new technologies augmenting traditional case-based presentations.Academic Article Why?
A Multicenter Collaboration for Simulation-Based Assessment of ACGME Milestones in Emergency Medicine.Academic Article Why?
A simulation-based curriculum can be used to teach open intestinal anastomosis.Academic Article Why?
Addressing the systems-based practice core competency: a simulation-based curriculum.Academic Article Why?
Leveraging Quick Response Code Technology to Facilitate Simulation-Based Leaderboard Competition.Academic Article Why?
Simulation-based optimization to improve hospital patient assignment to physicians and clinical units.Academic Article Why?
Simulation-based training in echocardiography.Academic Article Why?
Simulation-based validation of the p53 transcriptional activity with hybrid functional petri net.Academic Article Why?
Simulation-Based Validation of the p53 Transcriptional Activity with Hybrid Functional Petri Net.Academic Article Why?
Sosnick, Tobin R.Person Why?
High-fidelity simulation-emergency medicine.Academic Article Why?
Simulation-Based Curricula for Enhanced Retention of Pediatric Resuscitation Skills: A Randomized Controlled Study.Academic Article Why?
Facilitative debriefing techniques for simulation-based learning.Academic Article Why?
A guide to curriculum inquiry for brachytherapy simulation-based medical education.Academic Article Why?
Deconstructing debriefing for simulation-based education.Academic Article Why?
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