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Minimizing Molecular Misidentification in Imaging Low-Abundance Protein Interactions Using Spectroscopic Single-Molecule Localization Microscopy.Academic Article Why?
Robust nonparametric quantification of clustering density of molecules in single-molecule localization microscopy.Academic Article Why?
A single-molecule platform for investigation of interactions between G-quadruplexes and small-molecule ligands.Academic Article Why?
Dynamics of Membrane-Bound G12V-KRAS from Simulations and Single-Molecule FRET in Native Nanodiscs.Academic Article Why?
Quantitative Mapping of Endosomal DNA Processing by Single Molecule Counting.Academic Article Why?
A molecular tuning fork in single-molecule mechanochemical sensing.Academic Article Why?
Single-molecule measurements of the binding between small molecules and DNA aptamers.Academic Article Why?
Detection of single nucleotide polymorphism using tension-dependent stochastic behavior of a single-molecule template.Academic Article Why?
Models of single-molecule experiments with periodic perturbations reveal hidden dynamics in RNA folding.Academic Article Why?
Single-molecule analysis of cell surface dynamics in Caenorhabditis elegans embryos.Academic Article Why?
A large collapsed-state RNA can exhibit simple exponential single-molecule dynamics.Academic Article Why?
Click chemistry assisted single-molecule fingerprinting reveals a 3D biomolecular folding funnel.Academic Article Why?
Single-molecule analysis reveals widespread structural variation in multiple myeloma.Academic Article Why?
A single-molecule Hershey-Chase experiment.Academic Article Why?
High-resolution human genome structure by single-molecule analysis.Academic Article Why?
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