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Mathematical ComputingConcept Why?
Dwyer, GregoryPerson Why?
Birth and death of protein domains: a simple model of evolution explains power law behavior.Academic Article Why?
Computerized analysis of the likelihood of malignancy in solitary pulmonary nodules with use of artificial neural networks.Academic Article Why?
Improved computer analysis of solid phase gastric emptying scans.Academic Article Why?
Molecular dynamics - potential of mean force calculations as a tool for understanding ion permeation and selectivity in narrow channels.Academic Article Why?
Multinomial-sampling models for random genetic drift.Academic Article Why?
Practical issues in imputation-based association mapping.Academic Article Why?
Systematic fluctuation expansion for neural network activity equations.Academic Article Why?
Accurate quantification of right ventricular mass at MR imaging by using cine true fast imaging with steady-state precession: study in dogs.Academic Article Why?
Analysis of the signal transduction properties of a module of spatial sensing in eukaryotic chemotaxis.Academic Article Why?
Gamma regression improves Haseman-Elston and variance components linkage analysis for sib-pairs.Academic Article Why?
Making a haplotype catalog with estimated frequencies based on SNP homozygotes.Academic Article Why?
Models and data on plant-enemy coevolution.Academic Article Why?
PBEQ-Solver for online visualization of electrostatic potential of biomolecules.Academic Article Why?
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