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Young adult survivors of sudden cardiac arrest: analysis of invasive evaluation of 22 subjects.Academic Article Why?
Death, Sudden, CardiacConcept Why?
A comprehensive risk assessment of mortality following donation after cardiac death liver transplant - an analysis of the national registry.Academic Article Why?
A critical appraisal of implantable cardioverter-defibrillator therapy for the prevention of sudden cardiac death.Academic Article Why?
A farewell to subjectivity using multivariate analytical models to improve patient outcomes and lower costs.Academic Article Why?
A tale of two brothers: anomalous coronary arteries in two siblings.Academic Article Why?
Activated cranial cervical cord neurons affect left ventricular infarct size and the potential for sudden cardiac death.Academic Article Why?
Acute cardiopulmonary failure from sleep-disordered breathing.Academic Article Why?
Alpha 1-adrenergic blockade and sudden cardiac death.Academic Article Why?
Aspects of acute care in Sleep Medicine.Academic Article Why?
Circadian variations of QTc dispersion: is it a clue to morning increase of sudden cardiac death?Academic Article Why?
Combined sodium and calcium channel blockade in prevention of lethal arrhythmias.Academic Article Why?
Disparities in the use of primary prevention and defibrillator therapy among blacks and women.Academic Article Why?
Donation after cardiac death: the university of wisconsin experience with renal transplantation.Academic Article Why?
Effects of stroke localization on cardiac autonomic balance and sudden death.Academic Article Why?
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