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Koh, AndrewPerson Why?
Detection of an autoreactive T-cell population within the polyclonal repertoire that undergoes distinct autoimmune regulator (Aire)-mediated selection.Academic Article Why?
Nakamura, YusukePerson Why?
Positive and negative selection shape the human naive B cell repertoire.Academic Article Why?
Anderson, MarkPerson Why?
Savage, PeterPerson Why?
He, Tong-ChuanPerson Why?
A kinetic basis for T cell receptor repertoire selection during an immune response.Academic Article Why?
Wilson, Patrick C.Person Why?
Van Besien, KoenPerson Why?
Clark, Marcus RamsayPerson Why?
Cobey, Sarah E.Person Why?
Shaping the repertoire of tumor-infiltrating effector and regulatory T cells.Academic Article Why?
Bendelac, AlbertPerson Why?
Peripheral T cell receptor gamma delta variable gene repertoire maps to the T cell receptor loci and is influenced by positive selection.Academic Article Why?
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