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Arora, VineetPerson Why?
New program for efficient conversion of film-based teaching files to searchable Web-based teaching archive.Academic Article Why?
Kurt Rossmann Award for Excellence in Teaching in Recognition for Outstanding Teaching AccomplishmenAward or Honor Receipt Why?
String of Pearls Teaching Award for “Compassion, Humanism and Dedication to Teaching”Award or Honor Receipt Why?
Convolving engineering and medical pedagogies for training of tomorrow's health care professionals.Academic Article Why?
Effects of billing and documentation requirements on the quantity and quality of teaching by attending physicians.Academic Article Why?
No time for teaching? Inpatient attending physicians' workload and teaching before and after the implementation of the 2003 duty hours regulations.Academic Article Why?
An innovative and inexpensive model for teaching cricothyrotomy.Academic Article Why?
Approaches to Teaching the Physical Exam to Preclerkship Medical Students: Results of a National Survey.Academic Article Why?
Cardiovascular physiology teaching: computer simulations vs. animal demonstrations.Academic Article Why?
Community-based teaching about health disparities: combining education, scholarship, and community service.Academic Article Why?
Did recent changes in Medicare reimbursement hit teaching hospitals harder?Academic Article Why?
Disseminating Innovations in Teaching Value-Based Care Through an Online Learning Network.Academic Article Why?
Effect of ACGME duty hours on attending physician teaching and satisfaction.Academic Article Why?
Effect of student duty hours policy on teaching and satisfaction of 3rd year medical students.Academic Article Why?
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