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Transfusion medicine in trauma patients.Academic Article Why?
Transfusion medicine in trauma patients: an update.Academic Article Why?
Transfusion medicine illustrated: Mosaic Trisomy 9 in an infant with mixed-field ABO blood grouping.Academic Article Why?
Transfusion Medicine Education for Anesthesiology Residents: A Novel Curriculum.Academic Article Why?
Wool, GeoffreyPerson Why?
Aldarweesh, FatimaPerson Why?
Christenson, ChanceyPerson Why?
Open-heart surgery and Jehovah's Witnesses.Academic Article Why?
Prochaska, MicahPerson Why?
Impact of Novel Monoclonal Antibody Therapeutics on Blood Bank Pretransfusion Testing.Academic Article Why?
Meltzer, DavidPerson Why?
Deak, KristenPerson Why?
Cifu, AdamPerson Why?
Umscheid, CraigPerson Why?
Wolf, JenniferPerson Why?
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