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Building a new regional home for implementation science: Annual Midwest Clinical & Translational Research Meetings.Academic Article Why?
Generation of comprehensive thoracic oncology database--tool for translational research.Academic Article Why?
Place conditioning in humans: opportunities for translational research.Academic Article Why?
Standards and Methodological Rigor in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Preclinical and Translational Research.Academic Article Why?
The future of translational research on alcohol use disorder.Academic Article Why?
Foundational and Translational Research Opportunities to Improve Plant Health.Academic Article Why?
Leveraging epidemiology and clinical studies of cancer outcomes: recommendations and opportunities for translational research.Academic Article Why?
People, organizational, and leadership factors impacting informatics support for clinical and translational research.Academic Article Why?
The answer is 17 years, what is the question: understanding time lags in translational research.Academic Article Why?
Meharry Clinical and Translational Research Center (MeTRC)Grant Why?
Challenges in translational research: MDMA in the laboratory versus therapeutic settings.Academic Article Why?
Setting effectiveness and translational research priorities to improve COPD careGrant Why?
Integrating Clinical and Translational Research Networks-Building Team Medicine.Academic Article Why?
The Translational Research Working Group developmental pathway for anticancer agents (drugs or biologics).Academic Article Why?
Basic science and translational research in female pelvic floor disorders: proceedings of an NIH-sponsored meeting.Academic Article Why?
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