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Can a pediatric trauma center improve the response to a mass casualty incident?Academic Article Why?
Daily multidisciplinary discharge rounds in a trauma center: a little time, well spent.Academic Article Why?
Do prehospital trauma center triage criteria identify major trauma victims?Academic Article Why?
Do we need neurosurgical coverage in the trauma center?Academic Article Why?
Effects of nonparticipation in trauma center system on emergency department utilization.Academic Article Why?
Failure to rescue the elderly: a superior quality metric for trauma centers.Academic Article Why?
Illinois trauma centers and intimate partner violence: are we doing our share?Academic Article Why?
Management of frontal sinus fractures: treatment modality changes at a level I trauma center.Academic Article Why?
Neurosurgical coverage: essential, desired, or irrelevant for good patient care and trauma center status.Academic Article Why?
Nontrauma surgeons can safely take call at an academic, rural level I trauma center.Academic Article Why?
The outcome for children with blunt trauma is best at a pediatric trauma center.Academic Article Why?
The prevalence of abnormal results of conventional coagulation tests on admission to a trauma center.Academic Article Why?
Trauma deserts: distance from a trauma center, transport times, and mortality from gunshot wounds in Chicago.Academic Article Why?
A 20-year review of pediatric pregnant trauma from a Level I trauma center.Academic Article Why?
Gunshot-Related Upper Extremity Nerve Injuries at a Level 1 Trauma Center.Academic Article Why?
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