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Zakrison, TanyaPerson Why?
Bhalla, KaviPerson Why?
A 20-year review of pediatric pregnant trauma from a Level I trauma center.Academic Article Why?
The outcome for children with blunt trauma is best at a pediatric trauma center.Academic Article Why?
Trauma mortality in mature trauma systems: are we doing better? An analysis of trauma mortality patterns, 1997-2008.Academic Article Why?
Hampton, DavidPerson Why?
Understanding interpersonal trauma in children: why we need a developmentally appropriate trauma diagnosis.Academic Article Why?
Characteristics of spinal injuries secondary to nonaccidental trauma.Academic Article Why?
Prior studies comparing outcomes from trauma care at children's hospitals versus adult hospitals.Academic Article Why?
Universal screening for intimate partner and sexual violence in trauma patients: An EAST multicenter trial.Academic Article Why?
Blood transfusion rates in the care of acute trauma.Academic Article Why?
Measuring the true cost of trauma.Academic Article Why?
The effects of time of trauma patient presentation on emergency department utilization.Academic Article Why?
Transfusion medicine in trauma patients.Academic Article Why?
Transfusion medicine in trauma patients: an update.Academic Article Why?
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