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Analyzing Tumor Metabolism In VivoAcademic Article Why?
Stable isotope tracing to assess tumor metabolism in vivo.Academic Article Why?
Macleod, KayPerson Why?
Lactate Metabolism in Human Lung Tumors.Academic Article Why?
Isotope tracing reveals glycolysis and oxidative metabolism in childhood tumors of multiple histologies.Academic Article Why?
Tryptophan metabolism in brain tumors - IDO and beyond.Academic Article Why?
Inhibition of tumor high-energy phosphate metabolism by insulin combined with rhodamine 123.Academic Article Why?
Does Tumor FDG-PET Avidity Represent Enhanced Glycolytic Metabolism in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer?Academic Article Why?
Phorbol ester tumor promoters specifically stimulate choline phospholipid metabolism in human leukemic cells.Academic Article Why?
Tumor cell IDO enhances immune suppression and decreases survival independent of tryptophan metabolism in glioblastoma.Academic Article Why?
Muir, AlexanderPerson Why?
ß-catenin promotes regulatory T-cell responses in tumors by inducing vitamin A metabolism in dendritic cells.Academic Article Why?
Highly expressed BMP9/GDF2 in postnatal mouse liver and lungs may account for its pleiotropic effects on stem cell differentiation, angiogenesis, tumor growth and metabolism.Academic Article Why?
Chang, Eugene B.Person Why?
Faubert, BrandonPerson Why?
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