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Abramowicz, JacquesPerson Why?
[Ovarian pseudocysts in female newborn infants: prenatal ultrasonic diagnosis and surgical consequences].Academic Article Why?
Giant fetal abdominal cyst. Ultrasonic diagnosis and management.Academic Article Why?
Managing Incidental Findings Reported by Medical, Sonography and Other Students Performing Educational Ultrasound Examinations.Academic Article Why?
Carotid body enlargement in hypertension and other comorbidities evaluated by ultrasonography.Academic Article Why?
Comparison of probe disinfection procedures in routine ultrasonography: hot water versus antiseptic wiping.Academic Article Why?
Computer-aided diagnosis for the classification of focal liver lesions by use of contrast-enhanced ultrasonography.Academic Article Why?
Ethics and routine ultrasonography in pregnancy.Academic Article Why?
Fetal hemangioma overlying the temporal occipital suture, initially diagnosed by ultrasonography as an encephalocele.Academic Article Why?
Identifying Fetal Growth Disorders Using Ultrasonography in Women With Diabetes.Academic Article Why?
Obstetric ultrasonography: a biophysical consideration of patient safety--the "rules" have changed.Academic Article Why?
Pedicled flaps for foot defects in elderly patients: is duplex ultrasonography necessary?Academic Article Why?
Selected topics in pediatric ultrasonography--1992.Academic Article Why?
Selective application of routine preoperative axillary ultrasonography reduces costs for invasive breast cancers.Academic Article Why?
Ultrasonography and external cephalic version at term.Academic Article Why?
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