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The functionally univentricular heart: which is better--right or left ventricle?Academic Article Why?
Perioperative monitoring in high-risk infants after stage 1 palliation of univentricular congenital heart disease.Academic Article Why?
Modified Fontan operation in functionally univentricular hearts: preoperative risk factors and intermediate results.Academic Article Why?
Optimal initial palliation for patients with functionally univentricular hearts.Academic Article Why?
Development of a validated risk score for interstage death or transplant after stage I palliation for single-ventricle heart disease.Academic Article Why?
Kohli, UtkarshPerson Why?
Outcomes Associated With Unplanned Interstage Cardiac Interventions After Norwood Palliation.Academic Article Why?
Ghanayem, NancyPerson Why?
[Complex progressive palliation for univentricular circulation].Academic Article Why?
[Total cavopulmonary anastomosis for definitive palliation of complex univentricular cardiovascular systems--potential preoperative risk factors].Academic Article Why?
Obstructive rhabdomyoma and univentricular physiology: a rare combination.Academic Article Why?
Successful Bridge-to-Transplant of Functionally Univentricular Patients With a Modified Continuous-Flow Ventricular Assist Device.Academic Article Why?
Myocardial Fistulisation and Coronary Arterial Ectasia in Children with Univentricular Circulation: An Under-Recognised Problem.Academic Article Why?
Vricella, LucaPerson Why?
Dyamenahalli, UmeshPerson Why?
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