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Histopathologic changes of porcine dermis xenografts for transvaginal suburethral slings.Academic Article Why?
Tension-free vaginal tape erosion and penile abrasionAcademic Article Why?
Protective effect of suburethral slings on postoperative cystocele recurrence after reconstructive pelvic operation.Academic Article Why?
Suburethral SlingsConcept Why?
Tension-free vaginal tape versus transobturator tape as surgery for stress urinary incontinence: results of a multicentre randomised trial.Academic Article Why?
Glass, DiannePerson Why?
Chung, DoreenPerson Why?
Kocjancic, ErvinPerson Why?
Is transobturator tape as effective as tension-free vaginal tape in patients with borderline maximum urethral closure pressure?Academic Article Why?
30-Day Morbidity and Reoperation Following Midurethral Sling: Analysis of 8772 Cases Using a National Prospective Database.Academic Article Why?
Adjustable continence therapy (ProACT) and bone anchored male sling: Comparison of two new treatments of post prostatectomy incontinence.Academic Article Why?
Comparison of clinical outcomes between "ideal" and "nonideal" transobturator male sling patients for treatment of postprostatectomy incontinence.Academic Article Why?
Design and Early Experience With a Real-World Surgical Registry.Academic Article Why?
Detrusor overactivity and urge urinary incontinence following trans obturator versus midurethral slings.Academic Article Why?
Differences between mid-urethral sling outcomes in diabetic and nondiabetic women.Academic Article Why?
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