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Mitchell, James W.Person Why?
SMART: Study protocol for a sequential multiple assignment randomized controlled trial to optimize weight loss management.Academic Article Why?
Chronic diarrhea and weight loss in HIV-infected patients.Academic Article Why?
A middle-aged woman with nausea, weight loss, and orthostatic hypotension.Academic Article Why?
A rare cause of diarrhea and weight loss.Academic Article Why?
Alterations in immunoreactive proinsulin and insulin clearance induced by weight loss in NIDDM.Academic Article Why?
Anorexia and weight loss as the solitary symptoms of choledocholithiasis.Academic Article Why?
Body contouring after obesity surgery is associated with a weight loss benefit among patients.Academic Article Why?
Cognitive function predicts 24-month weight loss success after bariatric surgery.Academic Article Why?
Collagenous gastritis: an unusual association with profound weight loss.Academic Article Why?
Effects of sleep restriction on glucose control and insulin secretion during diet-induced weight loss.Academic Article Why?
Efficacy of a Required Preoperative Weight Loss Program for Patients Undergoing Bariatric Surgery.Academic Article Why?
Exploration of the protein requirement during weight loss in obese older adults.Academic Article Why?
Fatigue and weight loss predict survival on circadian chemotherapy for metastatic colorectal cancer.Academic Article Why?
Impact of weight loss and regain on quality of life: mirror image or differential effect?Academic Article Why?
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