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Are old adults just like low working memory young adults? Filtering efficiency and age differences in visual working memory.Academic Article Why?
"Memory compression" effects in visual working memory are contingent on explicit long-term memory.Academic Article Why?
Factorial comparison of working memory models.Academic Article Why?
Object-based encoding constrains storage in visual working memory.Academic Article Why?
Visual search remains efficient when visual working memory is full.Academic Article Why?
A bilateral advantage for storage in visual working memory.Academic Article Why?
A common discrete resource for visual working memory and visual search.Academic Article Why?
Alpha-Band Activity Reveals Spontaneous Representations of Spatial Position in Visual Working Memory.Academic Article Why?
Attention fluctuations impact ongoing maintenance of information in working memory.Academic Article Why?
Auditory working memory predicts individual differences in absolute pitch learning.Academic Article Why?
Chunking in working memory via content-free labels.Academic Article Why?
Clear evidence for item limits in visual working memory.Academic Article Why?
Delayed working memory consolidation during the attentional blink.Academic Article Why?
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