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Spectrometry, X-Ray EmissionConcept Why?
La Riviere, Patrick J.Person Why?
Experimental demonstration of novel imaging geometries for x-ray fluorescence computed tomography.Academic Article Why?
Imaging trace element distributions in single organelles and subcellular features.Academic Article Why?
Monotonic penalized-likelihood image reconstruction for X-ray fluorescence computed tomography.Academic Article Why?
Approximate analytic reconstruction in x-ray fluorescence computed tomography.Academic Article Why?
A simple source of fluorescent x rays for the study of radiographic imaging systems.Academic Article Why?
Selenium-mediated arsenic excretion in mammals: a synchrotron-based study of whole-body distribution and tissue-specific chemistry.Academic Article Why?
DNA micropatterning on polycrystalline diamond via one-step direct amination.Academic Article Why?
Novel composite core-shell nanoparticles as busulfan carriers.Academic Article Why?
Porous low modulus Ti40Nb compacts with electrodeposited hydroxyapatite coating for biomedical applications.Academic Article Why?
Preparation and characterization of the native iron(II)-containing DNA repair AlkB protein directly from Escherichia coli.Academic Article Why?
Austin, JothamPerson Why?
He, ChuanPerson Why?
Ahsan, HabibulPerson Why?
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